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Testimonials from Players and Supporters
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RGB Golf Activities
RGB Golf Activities

We refine their technical skill sets to provide overall performance upgrades and then help accessing those very skillsets under stress and manage strategic outlooks.

RGB Swing Basics
RGB Swing Basics

Event capacity note: Entries are on first come – first served basis and will be stopped as soon as capacity for event is reached. This may be earlier than the last date of entry.

Player development
Player development

All juniors benefiting and many have gone on to have successful playing careers. Continue to receive super support from players who have gone through the system and give back.





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The Champions Junior Golf Tour is a critical component

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Champions Golf Development Program

RGB Golf Activities

Glimpses from our CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR of India which was started in 2009 to nurture junior golfers in the correct way by providing them age specific structured yardage course setup based on the average length of their driver distances in their age categories.

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