About RBG

Teaching Philosophy: Our philosophy of golf instruction is simple: is one of a holistic approach, it includes the technical, tactical, physical & mental training factors that contribute to our overall ability to play the game. Our training methodology, systems and philosophy are influenced by objective, researched findings in

  • Sports psychology
  • Biomechanics
  • Pedagogical science
  • Motor learning

Romit understands that golfers all have diverse aims and objectives for their golf games. Romit’s specialty is long term coaching relationships.

There are students who come in with a long term vision for the game and there are such who come in wanting improvements in certain specific skill areas of the game.

As a result, his instructional programs can be divided into two categories: Golf Coaching Programs (CP) and Golf Skill Improvement Lessons (SIL).

Regardless of which type of program you sign up for, Romit follows the same initial steps:

STEP 1: For best improvement, you and Romit need to be on the same page as far as your goals for your time together and your favored style of communication. All students goes through an interview to give Romit an understanding about your golf education background, physical capabilities or the lack of, injuries and goals for your game. The procedure is quite quick for students taking a single or a couple of lessons, the first 5-10 minutes of your initial lesson. When you enroll in a Coaching Program, the initial evaluation interview is more detailed.

STEP 2: The next step to developing an improvement plan is a precise evaluation of your current skill sets. For Golf Skill Improvement Lessons (SIL) – individual golf lessons, working on a specific skill set, this indicative phase is fairly quick. Romit’s proficiency allows him to quickly identify your principal need. For Coaching Programs (CP), Romit uses a series of cutting edge assessment tools to pinpoint your present skill levels and physical capabilities. For complete details, visit the initial assessment page.

STEP 3: The above information from the assessment, combined with scheduled available time for practice and play, will combine to form the skeletal structure for the improvement plan.

STEP 4: Romit’s proficient coaching in the various aspects of your game that need improving to reach your goals.

Romit really enjoys helping people with their games and creates a fun and constructive environment in which to learn. It will be a treat for you to spend time with Romit in his knowledge based fun learning environment.

To help facilitate the improvement process, Romit has put together a structure to help him and his students focus their instruction and practice time. The system is based on a 4 part holistic approach; it includes factors that contribute to our overall ability to play the game, assuring you “a simpler understanding of your golfswing”.

  • Technical (Technique of full swing, putting, short game)
  • Tactical (course / game management)
  • Physical fitness & Nutrition (TPI Screening & GOLF_FIT program)
  • Mental Profiling & Training (DISC profile system)